A Room of My Own

Love Maegan
Love Maegan

I recently engaged in an online writing retreat and completed daily exercises to improve my skills. One of the exercises was to describe, “The room you have always wanted”. I considered several: should I describe a dressing room, a family room or a room for spiritual contemplation? Then I remembered how much enjoyment I have experienced collecting clothing pieces, one outfit or piece at a time, to build a wardrobe. I have many books on fashion and personal style subjects. So I chose to write about my fantasy dressing room.

I described its location in our house, its size, the furniture and accessories it would hold. I described how the clothes and accessories would be presented. Then I moved on to color, lighting, sound (classical music) and smell (sachets with my favorite perfume in the drawers!). Once I had the elements, I created and pinned pictures of them from the Internet to a (private) Pinterest board. Someday I hope to create a dressing room of my own and to enjoy being surrounded by my treasured collection of clothing pieces and accessories.

What kind of room do you imagine creating?

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