It’s Personal

5476484120_30d294d69a_zQuote: “Whatever else anything is, it ought to begin by being personal.” -Character Kathleen Kelley from the movie You’ve Got Mail.

My friend is discerning whether to return to teaching or continue to study fine art in college. She finds her classes tedious and she is frustrated with her work. She’s not sure this path is truly personal and meant for her. One morning on her way to art class, she was wondering why she was going at all and so she prayed and asked God for guidance. On that day her professor mentioned the field of art therapy during a lecture. As she heard the words “art therapy” a light went on in her mind. She has rheumatoid arthritis and sometimes suffers from debilitating flare-ups. Her pain has drawn her to God for His comfort. It has deepened her faith and given her compassion for those who suffer. She also has a gift for creating beautiful paintings. Could she express this pain through her art and connect with others through art therapy? Was God leading her to stick with it and continue to study art for this purpose? Perhaps she is learning that with God when it comes to her, ‘it’s personal’. He answered her prayer that day and guided her in the unique way she should go. How has He been personal with you in your life?

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